Kathy began her generosity-centered career working with foundation tax returns on microfiche cards. She launched her first fund-raising research website in 1999. As new foundation creation accelerated in 2000, she was the first researcher to identify and track the interests and spirit of family philanthropy. Her data has supported pediatric hospitals, environmental networks, community-based human services providers, the arts and humanities, schools, and faith-based organization. With her team, she has mapped more than $100 billion in foundation giving to nonprofit recipients at the Zip Code level. She has customized data sets for hundreds of organizations to identify the networks of influencers based on philanthropic interest areas.  She's helped the women's funding movement understand their ecosystems and build bridges to new wealth. Kathy's research, strategy, and networking skills helped the give where you live movement raise hundreds of millions of dollars from donors who want to move the needle on causes they care about. She's helped members of Philanthropy Southwest identify gaps in funding, create partnerships to invest in strategic giving, and identify the rural funding network throughout its seven-state region.


As her firm's million+ record database grew, she simultaneously learned to map the inner landscape with the same curiosity and passion. What is sustainability? What is compassion? What is scale? What does it mean to co-create a more just world where everyone has more opportunities to flourish, to live a life filled with meaningful participation? Why do the same patterns of scarcity vs abundance keep repeating themselves? 

Kathy helps clients find answers to these questions. She has developed a powerful, innovative approach to integrating the attitudes, behaviors, and actions that lead to sustainable social change. Kathy calls it the Generosity Response. The Generosity Response is growing. Now is the time to accelerate it with clarity and intention. Social action pioneers have the opportunity to harness its energy for the new world we call our own. 

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Kathy Jankowski helps people and communities flourish through attention training, breathwork, cultivating
soft skills, and applying the Enneagram. Kathy integrates evidence-based practices for stress management, trauma resolution, and resilience into innovative workshops, transformational coaching, and sustainable organizational development.


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