Choose to See

Everything is connected. The sticky, often intractable issues we tackle are intertwined. These issues need conscious solutions. What happens to one of us affects all of us. More opportunity for every child and adult means our communities and the world can flourish.

We are members of an ancient lineage re-imagined through the generations. We come together to forge pathways that connect conscious, mindful living and working with conscious, mindful problem solving, strengthening capacity and resourcing people committed to powerful change to transform our world.

At average levels of consciousness, the nature of personality is to experience itself as separate from wholeness. We cope with this sense of loss, unconsciously, by adopting particular defense mechanisms and compulsions to strive and grasp for what we think we need in life to survive, feel loved, and fix all the problems. The ego is that part of the self that wants to be significant, central, and important. It cannot see these qualities as birthright for all people.

Our ego is the part of ourselves that we cannot see without consciousness. The ego is self-protective by its very nature. It maintains the structures that prop up a sense of separateness, an identity. Therefore, its motives remain undercover, in darkness, because it is that part of the self that we don’t want to see, that we’re afraid of, or that hides from others our deepest fears and vulnerabilities. When we are asleep to our true nature, our personalities support our ego’s agenda. Our ego’s tools are our personality’s adaptive strategies to survive. Even at high levels of average consciousness, we live on a continuum of behaviors, feelings, and beliefs that maintain survival mode or that slowly reveal the way out of our resistances, that reveal our generosity of spirit.

Consciousness is the awakening of True Nature within me to Know Itself. As consciousness awakens, we automatically experience expansiveness, mutuality, and vitality. Presence is the word we use to describe a state of Being that is identified with consciousness, wholeness, unity, and the Present Moment. When we end conflicts within ourselves, we can begin to end the conflicts in our life. As adults we have the opportunity to deepen our presence, unwind our defenses, and allow our true nature to shine through. This choice ripples throughout our lives helps us grow.

Collective functioning, collective action, interdependence: these are not only concepts.The are qualities of Presence. When we cultivate the skills individually to become Present, we cultivate the networks that can transform suffering, heal the past, ground in the present, and prepare the future.



Kathy Jankowski helps people and communities flourish through attention training, breathwork, cultivating
soft skills, and applying the Enneagram. Kathy integrates evidence-based practices for stress management, trauma resolution, and resilience into innovative workshops, transformational coaching, and sustainable organizational development.


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