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Four Golden Wheels for Embodied Presence

4 Wednesday evenings - Live with more balance, energy, and ease

  • Started Jul 14
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Wednesday evening classes. The Four Golden Wheels are powerful, subtle Qigong movements that teach you the language of your inner life. When you learn this language, you take the first step in living with more wisdom, compassion, and vitality. Embodiment is realized rather than attained. Each class integrates movement, breathwork, and self-massage. Whether you are a leader navigating how to emerge from COVID, an employee returning to new workplace norms and expectations, a therapist who wants to provide effective tools for stress management, a parent who needs stamina, a teacher juggling virtual and in-person learning, an exhausted medical practitioner, a front-line service provider dealing with an array of issues, or a person curious how to stay grounded in the present moment, you will learn how to live with more balance. This balance will have positive effects on your health, well-being, composure, confidence, resilience, and relationships. Our bodies have three important energy centers—your gut, your heart, and your head—places where bundles of nerves are concentrated. The sensations you experience in these three centers influence perception, mood, stress, emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. Neural pathways throughout the nervous system, including your spine and vagus nerves, connect all of your organs, fascia, muscles, and circulation, sending signals between your brain and your viscera. Energy wants to move, and this intricate system navigates your awareness and your responses to life's ups and downs from the inside out. The Four Golden Wheels practice exercises each of your centers, empowers them to be healthy, and integrates your energy into the flow of life. It's that simple! Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing art that uses breathing, movement, and visualization to cultivate Qi, or Universal Life Force. It has been used for more than 3,000 years to improve physical and emotional wellbeing, develop extraordinary healing powers, and harmonize the three centers of awareness -- the gut, the heart, and the head. It is a gentle practice good for people of all ages. Practitioners learn to live with presence, embodying their best self.

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