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Four Golden Wheels - The Master Key

Live with less stress and more balance, energy, and ease

  • Started Nov 15
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The Four Golden Wheels are powerful, subtle Qigong movements that attune you to how to live with balance and ease. In these two sessions, you will learn how to take an important step in living with less stress. -Learn the fastest and most efficient ways to balance your nervous system -Reduce stress and increase well-being -Regulate emotions and take the edge off reactivity -Strengthen immune function -Connect with the present moment and live with more energy, wisdom, love, and resilience These skills are easy to practice at home, in the office, or between appointments and classes. All attendees receive access to an unlisted YouTube channel with videos to practice along with. You will learn evidence-based, trauma-informed stress management skills in real-time with a certified instructor. Class size is limited so all of your questions can be answered! All students completing this class are invited to join a weekly practice group that meets on Sundays at 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. These sessions are free to participants. Whether you are a leader navigating how to emerge from COVID, an employee returning to new workplace norms and expectations, a therapist or teacher who needs new tools for your own stress management, a parent who needs stamina, an exhausted medical practitioner, a front-line service provider dealing with an array of issues, or a person curious how to stay grounded in the present moment, you will learn how to live with less stress and more balance. This balance will have positive effects on your health, well-being, composure, confidence, resilience, and relationships. Qigong is the art of energy (Qi) cultivation (gong). Our bodies have three important energy centers—your gut, your heart, and your head—places where bundles of nerves are concentrated. In Qigong, these are called the dantians. The sensations you experience in these three centers influence perception, mood, stress, emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. Neural pathways throughout the nervous system, including your spine and vagus nerves, connect all of your organs, fascia, muscles, and circulation, sending signals between your brain and your viscera. Energy wants to move, and this intricate system navigates your awareness and your responses to life's ups and downs from the inside out. The Four Golden Wheels with Coherent Breathing practices exercise each of your centers, empowers them to be healthy, and integrates your energy into the flow of life!

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