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Journey with Presence

Connect your three centers with awakened awareness

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Coming in January - a Three Centers-based Inner Work Group Don Riso, Kathy's beloved teacher, used to say there are three phases to working with the Enneagram: the journey to Presence, the journey with Presence, and the journey as Presence. . . . and then it Begins! This series of Sunday afternoon classes, from 2:30-4:00 pm EST, will explore what Presence is and what it means to journey with Presence. Participants will explore together the organic movement of energy through human consciousness. Kathy will share Qigong and breathwork practices that support and stabilize awareness in the three centers. Each week, practices will cultivate the skills to recognize higher states of consciousness. Sunday, Jan. 15, her focus will be the Gut center, or the Lower Dantian Sunday, Jan. 22, the Heart center, or Middle Dantian Sunday, Jan. 29, the Head center, or Upper Dantian If you are an Enneagram practitioner, this series will develop your capacities to experience embodiment from within the Virtues and Holy Ideas. More information coming in December!

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