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Does your team need help with communications, conflict, interpersonal skills, or cultivating resilience? Kathy supports the inner work that helps teams work smarter and better together. Soft Skills are the unique characteristics of your personality that facilitate great relationships and communication. Workplace soft skills can be learned and enhanced. They help you:

  • focus, stay organized, and work more effectively

  • build confidence to tackle challenging situations, individually and collectively

  • cultivate your educational and leadership potential

  • choose conscious leadership as part of a successful career pathway

Team development and clearly communicating workplace culture norms build trust, confidence, cooperation, collaboration, and resilience. Stress management and resilience-building practices are integrated into these interactive workshops, featuring practical solutions, case studies with real-life examples and scenarios, discussion-based learning, and skills demonstrations. 

Workshops are delivered via Zoom and can be customized to your training needs. Want to discuss your unique needs? Schedule an appointment here, and let's explore how to increase your impact and innovation. 

Participant Feedback

"The workshops are so useful, especially the breathing and stress management."

"I am learning new ways of thinking, like critical thinking about unconscious biases and how to build bonds."

"I’ve learned about teamwork, communications, and how I create conflict unintentionally."

"I’ve learned how to be more patient, focused, have a sense of humor, and suspend judgment."

"I really learned from the conversations."

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