Applying attention training to life, relationships, and work is the most effective way to not only land in the present moment, but Live from the present moment. Kathy's unique approach to personal development integrates neuroscience, breathwork, mindfulness, and the Enneagram. She supports her clients in cultivating the behaviors, attitudes, and strategies that help them experience more vitality, deeper relationships, and meaningful participation without burnout. Working individually and with small groups, Kathy helps clients relax ego structures, increase confidence and receptivity, build healthy relationships, develop interdependence,  and harness emergent energies. Kathy's innovative approach to exploring the Enneagram's instincts, levels of development, and higher states of consciousness have provided her clients a more sustainable model for individual and systemic transformation.


Kathy Jankowski helps people and communities flourish through attention training, breathwork, cultivating
soft skills, and applying the Enneagram. Kathy integrates evidence-based practices for stress management, trauma resolution, and resilience into innovative workshops, transformational coaching, and sustainable organizational development.


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