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Join Me in Flourishing!

We are infused with and surrounded by Life itself. The most immediate way to experience its fullness, its ordinary glory, is to balance your nervous system. It's true. We are living in complex times. Our times call for new skills and practices. Everyone we know is bearing something painful that we probably know nothing about. Your presence matters. Choose to envision and craft a life filled with abiding relationships, meaningful participation, and liveliness. A new journey begins to unfold when we learn to breathe the optimal breath. Keep working and practicing with Kathy to learn the skills for thriving. 


This track was composed by the gifted Louise Goldberg for Kathy Jankowski and her students. Kathy and her students are saying it's the most beautiful music for coherent breathing they've ever heard. Kathy named it "Invitation" to celebrate how every conscious breath is brimming with nourishment. Say Yes to a life filled with grounded awareness, beauty, love, wisdom, vitality, curiosity, and connection. Listen to a 30-second clip above. The full recording provides an hour of deep, rhythmic breathing.

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