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Welcome! If you want to take a deeper dive into living from higher states of consciousness and you are familiar with the Enneagram, a Qigong practice will change your life for good, sustainably and holistically. 

I look forward to practicing with you!

Move with Life Force: Vital Energy, a Neutral Heart, and Guidance

Kathy is a brilliant teacher and guide. She weaves together Qigong and the Enneagram in a way that brings an immediate experience of the types, and of myself, that is deeply illuminating, grounded, and present. She is able to make connections in real time between what we share from our practices with our types, with the Enneagram itself, and with anything that may be arising in the moment. I find her wisdom to be enlightening and extremely helpful. Through Kathy’s classes, I’ve experienced aspects of myself I wasn’t aware of. With her guidance and discernment, these insights bring me closer to the truth of who I am. If you’re looking to take your knowledge of the Enneagram to a deeper, more personal, and experiential level, Kathy and Cultivating the Neutral Heart will do just that. ~ Gretchen B.

Kathy is a brilliant, insightful, and fun teacher!  She combines deep Enneagram knowledge with energizing Qigong practices to create a powerful method for healing, growth, and transformation!  I have learned new ways to manage my energy and move beyond my personality habits that have had a positive impact in my life!  I look forward to class each week! ~ Solveig Brown

Experiencing Kathy’s exceptional teaching and deep knowledge of both Qigong and the Enneagram has been life-changing for me!  I have established a daily Qigong practice and learned how to balance my three centers, breathe away anxiety, and unwind my Enneagram type habits. Every part of my life has improved!  I highly recommend Kathy’s classes to all Enneagram students. ~Anne Mureé

Cultivating the Neutral Heart has given me specific Qigong practices, mapped to each Enneagram point, such as the Six in all of us. Kathy’s integration of the Enneagram and Qigong is stellar! I’m learning a process about the way specific energies are “stuck” within the human body — coupled with practicing movements and guided awareness, leading to the experience of energy “flow.”  I am deeply appreciative for the changes I now seen in motion: increased presence, authenticity, vitality, and calm. As a result of this class, I’m noticing changes in my attitudes and behaviors as old patterns are loosening up. These practices are letting my Heart Center better do its true work — something about real love.  I would sum it up in one word: “empowering.” I am so glad I found this specific class!  ~Johanna Dakopolos


Anne Mureé


Solveig Brown

"Kathy is a brilliant, insightful, and fun teacher!"

Johanna Dakopolos


Gretchen B.

"Illuminating, grounded, and present."
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