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Kathy offers interactive workshops on a regular basis. Go to Book Online for current offerings. Classes are taught on Zoom and in person. 

Kathy's new Qigong class for Enneagram people is a big hit. It's incredible to hold space for and bear witness to the choices and changes invited when the whole body — our heads, hearts, and bellies  are aligned with Self-Remembering and Life Force. In 2023, Kathy launched the Neutral Heart Inner Work Group, an inner work and Qigong practice group whose members integrate Qigong and the Enneagram to deepen the direct experience of higher states of consciousness. Prerequisite is Cultivating the Neutral Heart. This inner work group is designed for people who know and like the Enneagram. Familiarity with Riso-Hudson's Levels of Development is a plus. 

"Focus on the Four Golden Wheels and you will notice sensations in the three centers — belly, heart, andhead — and in your hands, feet, legs, wrists, toes, temples, and fingertips! You come alive!" This is the advice my advanced students recently gave to some of our new Qigong practitioners. Noticing sensations is the #1 way to awaken from stress and conditioning and to live an embodied life, fused with flow, connection, curiosity, and a sense of belonging as you are. Kathy is teaching the 4-hour, 2 session introductory Four Golden Wheels Exercise in June. All students who complete this class are invited to join one class a week for free!

Regular drop-in Qigong classes are on Sundays and Mondays at 12:00 noon Eastern. Click here for more info.

Balance your nervous system and strengthen resilience: Connect to Calm practice is Wednesdays, 8:15 pm Eastern.

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Feeling out of sorts and yet also ready to resolve trauma and conditioned habits that don't support you? Do you want to live with more stamina to take on the important work of systems transformation?  One-on-one coaching with Kathy will help you turn a corner and create the building blocks for flourishing. Schedule a call to discuss your needs here.

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