Kathy offers interactive workshops on a regular basis. Go to Book Online to sign up for current offerings. All classes are taught on Zoom.


To close out the year, give yourself the gift of relaxation. Kathy is hosting a series of foundational classes where you learn the fastest, easiest, and most sustainable practices available to manage stress and anxiety, address burnout, reduce inflammation, and live with more ease. These 2-session classes, Stress Management that Sticks: An Introduction, will teach you movement and breathing patterns that help re-balance your nervous system in your three centers, or dantians. There are a number of options-

  • Tues, Dec 15 and 22 at either 4pm or 7pm (lotus)

  • Wed, Dec 16 and 23 at either 8am or 4pm (sunflowers) FULL

  • Sun, Dec 20 and 27, at 2pm (morning glory) SPOTS LEFT

Join me for Listening for the Gifts: A One-Day Virtual Retreat on Jan. 2. Through movement and breath, we will relax deeply, reflect, and inspire your growth in the new year. 

Coming in January: The Four Golden Wheels for Health and Well-Being. You will love this Qigong practice! I also will be doing two regular practices a week to help us all create stronger habits for conscious living in 2021.

You can also bring any of these trainings to your workplace, your pod, your family, or any of your cohorts. Trainings include:

  • Stress Management that Sticks: An Introduction

  • The Four Stages for Managing Stress and Flourishing

  • Movement and Breathing for Family Well-Being: Fun Skills for Kids of All Ages

  • The Four Golden Wheels for Health and Well-Being: Elixir-Light Qigong™ Foundations

  • The Acumen Approach to Cohesive Teams: Resolve Conflict, Increase Communication, and Evolve

  • Awakening Awareness of your Three Treasures: Heal, Harmonize, and Rejuvenate Your Energy Flow 

  • The Neuroscience of Behavior Change


Want to discuss your unique needs? Send Kathy an email about what you are thinking: connect@KathyJankowski.com


Kathy Jankowski helps people and communities flourish through cultivating soft skills, attention training, breathwork, and applying the Enneagram. Kathy integrates evidence-based practices for stress management, trauma resolution, and resilience into innovative workshops, transformational coaching, and sustainable organizational development.


E: connect@KathyJankowski.com

T: 301-916-3303

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