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Four Golden Wheels Exercise (June)

Live with more balance, energy, and ease

  • Starts Jun 9
  • 75 US dollars
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This is a foundational, 4-hour Qigong class with coherent breathing. The Four Golden Wheels Exercise is a gentle yet powerful Qigong practice to become more grounded and resilient. You will learn the foundations of how Life Force energy (Qi) can be cultivated (Gong) in your belly, heart, head, and spirit. +Class meets on Sundays, June 9 and 16 (Part 1 and 2), 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Eastern. Through movement, breathing, and visualization, you will learn the key skills to relax your three centers of awareness (thinking, feeling, and instinctual). All the practices support nervous system balancing (homeostasis), trauma-informed stress management, and vagal toning. Kathy Jankowski, your guide, is a certified breath worker and a certified Robert Peng Qigong trainer. This class is recommended for Enneagram people who are working with the Levels of Development, Instinctual Patterns, and conscious transformation. Class size is limited so all of your questions can be answered! Practicing Qigong has numerous evidence-based benefits: -Step into life with more resilience, confidence, and joy -Decrease stress and anxiety and fortify immune functions -Reduce pain and inflammation throughout your body -Experience calm, loving kindness, and expansiveness All students completing this class are invited to join a *free* weekly practice group. They also receive access to an unlisted YouTube playlist with practice videos. Qigong is the Art of energy cultivation. Our bodies have three important energy centers where bundles of nerves are concentrated: your belly, your heart, and your head. In Qigong, these centers are called dantians. Over the past 25 years, new research and applications in physiology, psychology, biology, neuroscience, and interpersonal neurobiology have confirmed that the health of these three centers influences perception, mood, stress, emotions, thoughts, wellness, behaviors, and actions. Neural pathways throughout the nervous system, including your spine and vagus nerves, connect all of your organs, fascia, muscles, and circulation, sending signals between your brain and your viscera. Energy wants to move and circulate, and this intricate system navigates attention, stress, awareness, and your responses to life's ups and downs — from the inside out. Practicing qigong is like doing calisthenics for every system inside your body, revitalizing mind, body, spirit, and soul!

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Please notify me if you need to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours before your session. Thanks!

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+ 240-994-3953

Poolesville, MD, USA

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